Mar 21, 2014 Power Delsin up with 4 new powers; Invisible, Blood Thirsty Blades, Video Torrent and Hellfire Swarm. MISSION 16 Delsin begins the mission.

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InFamous: Second Son - дата выхода, системные требования, официальный сайт, обзор, скачать торрент рейтинги и оценки игроков, чит коды к игре, прохождение inFamous: Second Son;; скачать бесплатно: дополнения. Mar 19, 2014 Delsin Costume: Delsin Tattooed Skin, Delsin Hair and Hat, Delsin Jacket, Delsin Jeans, Delsin Shoes, Delsin Chain. Video Torrent is one of Delsin Rowe's most basic offensive abilities in inFAMOUS : Second.

Jul 16, 2015 Download torrent - Infamous Second Son - PlayStation4. inFAMOUS Second Son, a PlayStation 4 exclusive , brings you an action adventure.

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